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Sixth Plate


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“AUNT HARRIET . . . Calkins Roberts wife of Hector W. Roberts”. The piece of paper containing the information is still attached with a steel straight pin to the faded purple silk pad inside the separated leather case. Wasn?t ?auntie? a beautiful woman with a pleasant disposition when she was taken circa 1845? Her maker created a natural vignette across the lower portion of the sixth plate with an archival seal by using exceptional illumination. During the lifetime of the daguerreotype, natural patina softly encroached the woman. The folded contours of Harriet?s dress were three-dimensional! Her lovely friendly freckled face seemed alive even on her splendid silvery palette! Pale red pigment was painted on her cheeks and lips. I am surprised that neither the subject or the daguerreian spotted that thread on her garment just near the end of that slender white bonnet string. Nothing to worry about if you even notice the mold mites and specks. The beautiful vibrancy of her likeness will be fully realized when the next collector holds the dag in his or her hands.