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Sixth Plate


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ON THE RISE! Certainly, most painted scenes behind sitter?s posing for their retaped sixth plate dags were meant to be so romantic and idyllic. That moon peeked above forested his and was reflected in the tranquil lake or river that lapped the bedrock foundation of the hazy castle surrounded by trees. While all that was behind the woman had a gauzy appearance, she was crisply shown in focus. Each wave of her hair, done in a style suitable for fashionable mid-1850s, her eyes, lips and costume were all sharply rendered. Since the pair of those metallic bands were brightly gilded with gold, to draw our attention, and place on the proper ring finger that would signify her marriage, I wonder if the daguerreotypist used a reversing prism or had he asked his patron in advance to shift them from one digit to another so they would appear to have been correctly displayed? Tarnish and mold mites plus specks and flecks are on the silver. However, when the repaired leather case is opened, the subject?s directness will surely impress the next owner.