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Sixth Plate


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YIKES! This incorrigible child’s laser gaze could have removed whitewash from Tom Sawyer’s fence if the time frame would have been the same. The cover of his sixth sized leather case has disappeared so you can?t hide from the lad! He bounced his head during the exposure! What a surly attitude! That diagonal line across his tinted lips is impossible to see. My scanner?s accuracy in revealing flaws still amazes me. This is another example of a youngster with hands of an older person?s! Unless the boy?s mother never really tried to completely wash them. I suspect that the aggerssive kid got his own way most of the time don?t you? There are mold spiders and teeny flecks mostly in the patina. The wooden chair that supported the sitter was nicely painted. I hope the daguerreian?s subject didn?t try to toss it towards the camera after the session was completed.