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Sixth Plate


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I KNOW . . . The fellow looked like a huckleberry when he posed for his archivally taped sixth plate but in actuality he was probably a very savvy Southern Plantation owner. He was so self-assured that shaving wasn?t something he thought about every morning before he began his day. Okay, maybe he WAS trying to find the ?right? appearance for his dag. His clear intelligent eyes watched the operator with more than casual interest. Those crooked lips were probably naturally composed and didn?t suggest a significant effort of his part to convey shadiness in his character. I like the blue solarization on his white shirt, mostly hidden by a boldly patterned vest. That lightweight linen jacket was probably worn almost year around. Patina is visible along with mold mites and tendrils in the lower right corner. I think the black line on the right must have been a flaw that occurred after the polishing of the silver. The faint hazy marks above the chap?s right shoulder are not scratches. The complete leather case has a loose hinge.