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Sixth Plate


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INTACT LEATHER CASE CIRCA 1847! Please open carefully and at your own risk of being bowled over by the brilliance of the black & white couple! Their sixth plate daguerreotype was perfect the day the pair were taken! The crispness of focus and the surreal holographic depth made me contemplate about their maker. You can see how the newly married lady displayed those rings by extending her fingers on that book resting on her thighs. I was absolutely amazed by the precision in the craftmanship of their archivally sealed portrait. I also watched the gal?s expression seemingly change into a broad small when I complimented her choice of such a fantastic trousseau. The satisfied glint in her pale eyes was already apparent. She lured her man into the church where they were hitched! The pair belongs to the next discerning collector of fine daguerreotypes.