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Sixth Plate


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THEIR RED SASHES . . . And off the shoulder dresses were similar in style but not the same. I don?t think there could be any doubt that the little girls were siblings. The younger gal wore a necklace with a cross attached while her sister had a daguerreian locket coupled to her chain. Their maker added gold to all the jewelry including the ring the shorthaired cutie had on a finger. Both kids watched as the man made their sealed sixth sized likeness. Deep blue patina follows the shape of the very unusual mat that presented the diminutive sitters as though they might have been performers on a stage waiting for their curtain call. Faint white specks are in the girl?s hair on the right and there are a couple brief marks the other kid?s red belt. A pristine brown plastic case with a beautiful embossed purple pad inside completes the presentation.