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Sixth Plate


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HAPPY TO BE ALIVE! What?s not to love about this genial old coot?s resplendent resealed sixth plate remembrance? The subject was comfortably seated in a wooden armchair. He folded his massive heavily veined hands together while he watched his maker create this memorable likeness. I wonder when the man last shaved? He must have been a widower since his wife wouldn?t have let him leave their home before his chin whiskers had been removed! The next collector to open the complete leather case that is a few years later then the gent?s sitting, circa 1847, will be astounded by the brightness and depth of the plate. Of course, the sitter?s friendliness and charm is visible in my reproduction. I would like to hear his stories told today. I bet he had a long interesting life. Fortunately folks, none of the mold spiders or any of the small flecks impedes the fellow whose white mane was neatly combed and his furrowed face received a hint of blush.