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Sixth Plate


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FRIENDS FOREVER. Obviously not every woman who sat for a sixth plate dag that has been retaped was a stunning beauty. These companions, who wore bright and boldly patterned dresses for Mr. Fuller, whose name was stamped in the lower left corner of the scalloped shaped brass mat, both have interesting facial features. The lass on the left, who rested one hand on her partner’s shoulder, had acne that the daguerreotypist tried to diminish (especially on her forehead) by adding splashes of red pigment. The second female leaned towards her pal. Her face was covered with freckles. This image truly sparkles in hand and actually outshines the subjects. The gals are part of an intact leather case that had very little wear. I know what you are all thinking, one look at the duo was enough! Simply shameful but I completely concur. I just had a peek in John Craig?s compendium of daguerreotypists and found that there were men working on both coasts in the early 1850s with the Fuller surname.