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Sixth Plate


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LOOK AT HIS SIDEBURNS. He was a handsome man most likely taken in Boston. Casey notated on the archival seal that there was a rare hallmark “S. 40” inside small rectangular box on the sixth plate that had been doubled silvered and re-cleaned to remove many brown spots. The gent?s snazzy bowtie, his suave jacket and those frayed ropy sideburns all suggested that he visited his maker in the very late 1850s. A skylight bathed the boy in brightness that permitted the operator to create this splendid impression. There are mat abrasions inside the oval brass surround. Since the dag arrived here without a case, I was tempted to place the subject in a Boston style case, but I couldn?t guarantee the next owner, which Beane Towne location the man might have selected to be taken. I selected an ordinary complete leather example. There are many faint spots on the lower right portion of the piece. And one silver bubble on the fellow?s neck. Since the chap?s lips were partially parted in a smile, a hint of his teeth was visible.