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Sixth Plate


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ARMS TOGETHER. I think the young friends must have visited the same hair sculptress before venturing onwards to their local daguerreian gallery where they were kindly greeted and guaranteed a first class sixth plate that had a new seal. The operator placed them side-by-side and close together so they would fit inside the stylish mat that he had in mind for their finished portrait. Sunbeams filled the air from the left side of the camera while an unseen reflector opposite, reduced any harsh shadows. Both gals followed the man?s suggest to look directly into his lens. One subject held a metallic mesh bag while her companion placed her very dirty hands on top of her pleated dress. The other?s woman?s hands were equally discolored and swollen. These were not mid-19th century socialites! They were working girls that had formed a familiar relationship and wanted to be daguerreotyped together. The blue in the whitest areas was natural solarization. Both their faces are beautifully toned and although she had a difficult existence, the lass on the right was still very lovely. The flurry of white specks is mostly above the pair?s heads. Some oxidation is visible across the bottom. They are presented in a nice complete leather case.