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Sixth Plate


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HEAD REST! Her son was pinioned against his mom’s shoulder and ample breast during the construction of their archivally sealed sixth plate. The lad was also tied off to an unseen chair with that wide black belt furnished by the daguerreian who tightly cinched it around his tiny waist. I mean REALLY folks was that added restraint really necessary? The child narrowed his blue eyes and gazed languidly towards the lens. He held a tiny hammer across his chest with the handle hooked partially under a button on his shirt. I wonder if the dag man thought of that? It would have kept the object from sliding down the boy?s arm during the exposure. Both mom and son had rather grubby looking fingers. Maybe they had been picking blueberries and sampling them prior to their visit to a daguerreotypist circa 1846. The complete leather case has an odd variant of delicate roses on the domed cover. There were five leaves on the left and six leaves on the right of the central stem. Red blush was placed on the duo?s cheeks and lips. A sliver of oxidation is seen at places inside the mat. When the piece is turned negative there are several areas of silver spots above the youngster?s head in the backdrop! The remaining specks aren?t bothersome. You know, I wonder if the dark object under the woman?s hand was a soft purse or her son?s tasseled hat?