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Sixth Plate


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HIS WAXED MOUSTACHE! Obviously the “focus” was upon the fancy hair above the fellow’s upper lip and his neatly trimmed beard! Every piece growth to create those masterpieces was “razor” sharp plus the many pores on the subject’s face! While the lens was uncapped the subject studied his maker through narrow, deeply set dark eyes. Believe it or not, this guy visited a daguerreotypist circa 1846!!! I date him based on the mat, very thin brass preserver and the plate preparation. His mustache would suggest a later date of course, but I feel that his jacket, vest and shirt collar are correct for that year. The discoloration on the left is patina while the tan and white areas especially on his tinted blue vest were all caused by badly weeping old glass. There are a few black dots at the top, probably residue from the polishing process. The fellow is in a complete leather case with an old repaired spine. The retaped sixth plate is quite colorful, with natural hues and applied pigments. Excellent illumination certainly highlighted the fellow?s ruddy round face.