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Sixth Plate


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CONCLUSIVE PROOF! This is a clever resealed sixth plate for several reasons. The rather dubious character captured on his silver mirror grilled the daguerreian with those hard eyes and his clenched lips while sitting sideways on a small wooden chair. He might have assumed a casual pose yet his demeanor suggested that he was ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice! The wonderful blue solarization of the whitest areas of his attire created a visual oddity. The man had several large warts on his hands and fingers. But what I like the best (and one might have wondered if the guy would have permitted a head restraint to be used during the procedure) was a shadow of said device cast on the right side of his head! No doubt about it the dude got the clamp! There are mat scratches and brown spots on his fancy trousers and simple vest. Also a couple mold spiders. I don?t know what caused the mark above his left shoulder. The complete leather case, which might be five years later than the day the chap was taken, circa 1852, has ripples in the leather covers. That suggests exposure to moisture at some point. This is a splendid holographic daguerreotype.