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Sixth Plate


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WELL I WAS . . . Corrected about the sex of the child when I removed the kid from a complete leather case that had “Daguerreotype Gallery H.B. King Tauton MASS” embossed inside on a faded red pad opposite the kid. Without really thinking it through, I really thought the tiny poser was a girl. However, this was the inscription written underneath the resealed sixth plate: “Taken April 1858 Warren H. Lothrop”. H. B. King was also clearly stamped on the bottom of the fancy brass mat. I wonder if the boy?s parents insisted on a ?Bible? being place on the table next to the attentive subject or was King a pious maker? He used one shade of red pigment to the fullest extent don?t you think? Mat scrapes are around the edges of the exposed image hidden in the tarnish mostly. There are a colony of mold spiders too. Fool your friends folks with this example!