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Sixth Plate


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GONE ON THE WIND. Initially there was so much corrosion, spots and dots on the now marvelous silvery mirror that I asked Casey why he had purchased the forever quiet, deceased young child? Because I know he really doesn?t like the genre, but when one as the opportunity to buy dags at Brimfield . . . Casey saw the potential of the piece, a stunning sixth plate that was very quickly and carefully cleaned before new glass and an archival seal completed the conservation work. What had been hidden is now revealed. The brilliance in the artistry and the phenomenal reflected depth, rich blacks and ethereal snowy whites cascade into our consciousness. We seem as though we are interlopers in a very private family moment, yet surely the child?s parents memorialized their babe and shared the outstanding likeness with other persons. The tiny tot lied in sweet repose supported by two pillows that had been laid upon that fantastic sofa. Someone delicately placed a single white rose on her breast and perfectly arranged both hands. The complete leather case has a new leather spine. Thick layers of rainbow patina flow inside the ornately stamped brass mat. The white specks above the furniture are very faint. The mark near baby on the dark fabric is also barely noticeable.