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Sixth Plate


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ACCENTUATED SHOULDERS! The daguerreotypist was sorely pressed to produce a plate in sixth size that might satisfy his young client. Rather flat illumination certainly captured with great accuracy the roundness of her plump face. I wonder if her expression was partially made because the strings of her corset were so tightly drawn that she was unable to properly breathe? Her large hands and thick fingers suggest that the gal’s waist wasn’t so naturally small. And the mantle worn over her plain dress looks like a prototype suit for the 22nd century! Maybe the teenager was a time traveler? Anyway, the resealed dag did make it out of the studio in a nice complete leather case that had a bright red silk pad inside. Gold was painted on a pair of rings and also that colorful brooch received the same embellishment. She wore a curious collar. Blue pigment was applied to the tablecloth. The tones in her likeness were excellent and the depth is quite surprising. Mold spiders and miniscule white specks aren’t a problem. There is a teeny dark chemical dot on her nose.