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Sixth Plate


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IN PROFILE. This is a curious resealed sixth plate portrait, not because the very handsome chap was turned sideways to the camera so much, although his outstanding pose was rarely used during the daguerreian era, but rather his maker was not highly skilled on the technical side of the equation. Buff marks are visible and the different tonalities especially in the darker regions suggest that his chemistry wasn?t completely under his control either. Who can argue with the artistic triumph on his highly reflective silvery mirror? Color was added to his patron?s face that moved slightly while the exposure was done near the end of the 1840s decade. None of the mold spiders or white dots are harmful. And of course, they are less noticeable when the man is admired in the bottom of a leather case that is devoid of a cover. Very dark rainbow hued patina surrounds the chap. The blue on his shirtfront was solarization.