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Sixth Plate


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SUPERLATIVE TONALITY! Amazing contrast and holographic depth can certainly be added to the outstanding technical attributes of the young gentleman’s stunning sixth plate portrait that has been properly archivally restored. The subject?s dense black hair was kept in place by that fancy beaver stovepipe hat that neatly covered the crown of his head. The reflections in the boy?s luminous dark orbs tell me that the main light source entered the operating room from a large multi-paned window on the right and the shadows were balanced by a broad white reflector on the opposite side of the room. I wonder if the teenager forgot to shave that morning or he decided to show a bit of ?roughness? for his likeness? Beard stubble was readily apparent on his otherwise smooth face. There was a crimp in the silver on and above the lad?s elbow that rested on the table. There are couple tiny areas of decay on his dark suit jacket caused by weeping glass. That diagonal horizontal line was probably a deep buff stroke. Patina mimics the octagonal mat shape. The tinting applied to the sitter?s face is much better to view when the adequately repaired leather case is opened.