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Sixth Plate


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IN THE PINK! Depending on the angle of view, the child’s dress will surely change into a different hue! Part of the reason for the chameleon-like appearance of the tinted fabric (and in places the original brush marks from the pigment?s application are visible) was a result of some previous owner cleaning the brilliant silvery surface, thus needlessly removing a narrow band of patina AND worse, some of the colors! Never the less, when I spied the child lying on a dealer?s table recently, she called out to me. The kid was not really pleased about sitting in front of a camera for this recently professionally resealed sixth plate. Her body language told me instantly that she wanted to get out of that wooden chair to run away; and maybe meet new friends along the passage of her sprint. She rested one chubby arm on a tablecloth and cupped a fancy dag case in her hand. Any other teeny flaws you might notice in my scan won?t alter your enjoyment of the serious girl.