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Sixth Plate


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IN THE BOTTOM . . . Of the fellow’s complete leather case was a portion of newspaper with an engraving that showed Washington’s army at Valley Forge. Since the sixth sized sitter was most likely taken circa 1852 that would have been the 75th anniversary of Washington’s encampment during a very fateful winter of 1777-1778. Hence the reason why the reproduction was current at the time of the gent’s oddly posed daguerreotype. He wore formal clothes for his likeness and held a small leather case (most likely) in both hands. The daguerreotype seems too informal for the gravity of the gentleman?s need to be taken. That small painted wooden chair was placed on a bare wooden floor. A large piece of dark cloth was hung behind the man to isolate him from the remainder of the room. Bright light lit the subject from the right side and a secondary source of illumination was opposite. The explosive silver surface has wipe marks on the left, dried water residue in several areas and many tiny specks. None of the flaws are very apparent. Ancient patina flows inside the brass mat. There is a piece of dust near the guy?s eye that Casey could not remove.