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Sixth Plate


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WHOSE VIGNETTE? This sixth plate has mat abrasions, lessened by this slightly smaller opening design, that is not original but from the correct date, about 1852. There is one area of copper intrusion upper left. Although the adorable girl is kept in a black leather push button Boston Style case and the vignette looks familiar, I can?t say conclusively who actually made the brilliant portrait. Light bathed the youthful beauty from high on the left side of the room. Certainly John Whipple used this style of illumination and the plate was double silvered. The gal?s likeness is absolutely outstanding in spite of the flaws. The relief on her cameo was well defined. The clear-eyed lass with such a lovely round face peered effortlessly into space while the lens was uncapped and her likeness was so expertly placed on this plate.