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Sixth Plate


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A DOWNWARD GLANCE! Sure, the callow fellow might have been instructed to peer at a point below the level of the camera to lessen any visual impact that could have be caused by his half awake right eye, however I want to suggest that he was a romantic sort of guy and decided to dream about damsels in distress, with himself being their rescuer and simply tilted his handsome face at that inclination so his thoughts wouldn?t be interrupted by the apparatus on the wooden stand that was tasked to take his restored sixth plate daguerreotype. Once the remarkable portrait was completed, his maker offered this fancy oval brass mat that rather complemented all the gold that had been painted on his watch fob and tie chain. Thick patina courses around the lad. His thick crown of hair was very neatly combed and the focus of the man?s lens was quite precise! Subtle tinting was added to his face and hands. The curious leather case appears to have been constructed without an exterior hinge. The inner attachment is quite secure. There is an extremely faint green speck near the subject?s left ear. A few mold mites are visible and an area of small decay on that neatly buttoned vest was caused by a moisture droplet. There was also another dollop of gold against the mat in the lower right corner. That could have been evidence of a pinky ring.