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Sixth Plate


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CASUAL AT FIRST GLANCE. Well folks, after looking again, I noticed that the lass twitched her index finger on the hand draped over the table?s edge. Looking closer at both hands indicated to me that this was truly a workingwoman. I wonder if she slaved away in a textile mill? She or someone near to her had some sewing skills. Those were fine decorative borders on the sleeves and cuffs of her dress that had many buttons cascading in a row down the front. The girl, taken circa 1852 had a pleasant appearance. Her maker didn?t quite have his polishing technique perfected. The tarnish swirls around her and there is one green dot on her garment. The subject?s eyes watched her maker with interest. Surely if she had grinned, her likeness would have been even more irresistible. A worn leather case is apart.