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Sixth Plate


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WITH CONFIDENCE! This charming child was taken circa 1845 by a daguerreotypist who was highly competent with a camera and very skilled with his palette of paints. His youthful patron was equal to the task of helping him produce a fantastic archivally restored sixth plate likeness that is in a complete leather case that Casey reconstructed. Wasn?t there freshness about the girl?s expression, with her lips ready to burst into a smile? Her searching brown eyes recorded every instant of this experience and I would wager that when she returned home she wrote about the day in her cherished diary. Even the dramatic display of her sprig of brightly tinted flowers was held boldly across her fantastic dress. The tonality of her pale flesh was contrasted against the darkness of the drop and her neatly combed hair with those flowing loose ringlets that flanked her cute face. Broad patina basically follows the shape of the octagonal brass mat. Any specks you might see are completely inconsequential to the overall beauty and pleasantness of her portrait. It never ceases to amaze me how these attractive early daguerreian gems remain so under appreciated! And why anonymous daguerreotypists continue to be my favorite makers. This mirror was a masterpiece when she was taken! It will not disappoint the next owner either!