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Sixth Plate


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A TINY HEART. This delightful lass was taken circa 1852-1853 I suspect by a very competent daguerreotypist who placed her likeness on a resealed sixth sized surface. It appears that there was a skylight in his gallery and the illumination created a wonderful relief of her pretty face. The fancy decorative collar and matching wrist arrangements were tinted with two shades of red pigments. Nice colors were also painted on the gal?s flesh. The craftsman also added gold to the slide, shaped like a heart, on her string and that wedding band on the newly minted bride?s finger. When the complete leather case, with an older leather spine repair is opened, the woman bubbles forth. I bet she had a great personality and was fun to converse with over tea and biscuits. The contrast was very good and the tonality excellent. Mold spiders have formed on her mirror and there is one teeny green dot on her dress in the lower right corner.