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Sixth Plate


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EXCELLENCE ON HER MIRROR! Composition counts! That should be immediately obvious when the gal’s complete sixth sized leather case is opened. Then . . . the brilliance of the illumination propelled the determined archivally taped lass forward from the midnight that surrounded her. Delicate pick work and paint embellished her brooch and ring. No, I won’t skip over the lady herself. She had a certain something that instantly compelled me to add her to my family of daguerreotypes. Since she was seated sideways on that small wooden chair, it allowed her to place one arm across the top. She gently curled her fingers on both hands. Those bold white sleeves, lace collar and the woman’s pale complexion created nice bright contrast. Her fantastically patterned dress was impressive too. However, what mesmerized my mind the most were those seductive eyes and her narrow lips! The specks above her shoulder aren?t problematic.