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Sixth Plate


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I ALREADY KNOW! Making a very fine dag meant that the chemistry, plate preparation, studio setting, lighting, subject and daguerreotypist all had to be nearly perfect during the entire procedure. Since that was expertly accomplished on this resealed sixth plate, which is kept in an awesome leather case with a golden bird surrounded by leafy vines on the worn cover, it will be “in the hands” of the next collector to properly view the lass for the maximum enjoyment and pleasure of her company that I could not possible reproduce in a gathering of pixels!!! “WESTON 192 B.WAY N.Y.” was printed across the bottom of the girl’s double elliptical brass mat. I suspect when she posed for her portrait the lass was a young teenager, yet her upright bearing, lady-like composure and self-assured expression suggested that she could have been 10 years older. I wonder if her lovely summer dress was really pink the day she was taken, circa 1848-1849? Those black fingerless mesh gloves would have been the height of fashion at that time. Weston added gold paint to her closed locket, that necklace and those stunning diamonds on one of her earrings. The girl?s neatly combed short hair was unusual but I think it suited her perfectly. Blue was added to the tablecloth. Folks, this was a remarkable testament to the abilities of James P. Weston. Nice patina flows inside the mat. Any specks you might see are meaningless. At the best angle of appreciation the pretty miss will astound any admirer!