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Sixth Plate


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I DON’T KNOW! Inside the boy’s whole leather case, “KEENAN 248 SOUTH SECOND ST. PHILADA” was pressed in the red plush cushion. However, I can’t guarantee the next owner of his sealed sixth plate portrait that Keenan was actually the operator who made the likeness. I had never seen this combination of drapery and tablecloth in one of his previous images. AND I certainly would have remembered that fabulous, intricately turned wooden chair. The kid?s mom neatly knotted his hair and dressed him in a cute costume. Bet he hated this portrait in his later years. Gold tinting was applied to that long chain and red was painted on his cheeks and lips. Two almost invisible parallel lines are in the lower left corner. That is thick spotty oxidation on the upper right. A few mold mites are there also. A couple white specks touch the remarkable piece of furniture that so brilliantly reflected excellent lighting.