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Sixth Plate


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A WHITE ROSE! Surely, like me, you all must wonder what the significance of that flower was to the little boy who held it in his hand while he was taken on a restored sixth plate that has aged so well. Mother dressed her son in a plaid suit. That dark belt cinched around his waist might have belonged to the daguerreian and was used as a device to anchor him in place since it would have been looped around the vertical post of his posing stand. That was a large white collar the lad had around his neck. I like the textures in the textile covering the wooden table that supported the tiny kid?s arm. Reflected brilliance along with excellent contrast and crisp focus all worked harmoniously to finish this wonderful likeness. There is one brown spot about 10 o?clock in the drop near the edge of the oval brass mat. The leather case has an old repaired leather hinge. I should also note that tinting was applied to the subject?s cute face.