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Sixth Plate


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ONLY MOLD SPIDERS! That is about the extent of the blemishes on the girl’s archivally taped sixth plate likeness. She was framed by a pristine scallop shaped brass mat and by a rainbow of patina that has formed though the years. A cotton or linen cloth was draped over a small round-topped table and the chair she was seated upon. Her daguerreian had an extensive command of his palette of paints. The child?s flesh was rendered with remarkable accuracy. All the added and naturally occurring colors aside; I like this gal. Her slender body rested on one arm while the other was gently placed on her pleated dress across her lap. Both hands were perfectly arranged. A broad cone of light from overhead lit her exceptionally well. Only a poorly repaired cloth hinge on her leather case might be considered a distraction. I don?t know what caused the teeny mark on the gal?s forehead. The subject is adorable!