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THAT WAS A SHOE! Sixth Plate


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The barefooted boy was given one of his shoes to keep one hand occupied while mother and the daguerreotypist worked valiantly in tandem to attractive the babe’s attention long enough to insure success in the creation of his resealed sixth plate daguerreotype. Not only did the fine dag capture the child and present his curiousness towards the process, but also the passage of time has been extremely kind to the likeness. I would suggest that effervescent and highly reflective accurately describe the finely polished silver. And such a strange arrangement too. The small wooden seat was placed on a sofa that had been draped by the fine blanket. Then a table or stool, also covered was used to support the kid’s chubby legs and bare feet. Pale red paint highlighted the tiny tot’s face. The patina is wonderful and the tonality was excellent! The complete leather case has a vivid embossed red cushion inside.