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Sixth Plate


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CERTAINLY WAS A SAILOR! He was a crusty older gent with a balding pate and several strands of hair crept forwards for effect, just above his wrinkled forehead! A lower then normal camera angle was used to produce the retaped sixth plate. His narrow torso supported his large head covered by that wrinkled leathery face. Sun, wind and salt spray from the undulating ocean waters would have done that to the man as he plied his trade on the deck of a ship. He was still a spry fellow when he sat for his daguerreotype about 1849. The man?s character overcomes the condition. There are teeny bubbles in the silver on his jacket and a couple hard to see vertical scratches. Flecks, specks and spotty tarnish are all present. The complete leather case is warped and doesn?t properly close. One tiny piece of leather is missing above the eyelet on the case cover and a couple more are gone inside from the wooden rails.