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Sixth Plate


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I AM CONFUSED! I know . . . some of you are thinking, “So what else is new”? Harsh! Very harsh my friends! So then, will one or more of you explain the weird reason why the cocky teenager decided to have a fancy piece of cloth sewn onto his jacket? Ah, you are thinking that is simply an extension of that tablecloth correct? Look closely at his torso and other arm on the opposite side. Was this a prototype wing suit design from the 1850s? Could the guy have tilted his top hat at a steeper angle and still have it remain on his head? Those narrow slotted eyes and rather slack lips indicate to me that he was no stranger to trouble! The pin on his elaborately tied neckerchief seems to have been an up side down shovel in the center and two other implements. I don?t know what the four small metallic beads attached to his jacket near that button were all about. The youth does present us with a conundrum! There are mat scratches across the bottom and two very tiny scratches on a long diagonal across his face. A new archival seal has been made. They disappear when his sixth sized leather case is opened and he is properly looked upon. His white shirt was wicked solarized!!!!