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Sixth Plate


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STRAIGHT FORWARD! That was the sitter?s simple attitude she attained both in her pose and her contented look into the lens. The garment she wore over her dark dress was exquisitely patterned. I don?t know if the material was cotton or silk but to my untrained fashion eyes, it was magnificently elegant! Her simple crossed ribbons were held in place by that massive brooch made of a constellation of diamonds! She was a person of understated wealth and beauty! Her daguerreotypist achieved superb focus, great tonality, impressive contrast and deeply reflected depth. He even touched her wholesome cheeks with pale pink blush. Very pretty patina surrounds the lass. Her complete sixth plate leather case with delicate roses on both covers indicates that she was not taken earlier then 1846. I must say, looking at my scan against the power of her silvery mirror, is as different as night and day!