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Sixth Plate


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“W. S. B. HOPKINS”! That notation was written on off-white label bordered in red and adhered to the reverse of this fine sixth plate daguerreotype. Inscribed in pencil on the paper tape that binds the package together was “Copied By Bachrach 3/29/50 and Not Restored M”. Thankfully Mr. Hopkins didn’t suffer when someone who used the moniker “M” took apart the piece, made a negative and then put the components back together. Mr. Hopkins had a face full of freckles, blonde or red toned hair and marvelous green or blue eyes. To say that he was a wicked handsome fellow would be a huge understatement. His daguerreotypist expertly posed W. S. B. and used such a brilliant lighting scheme that at first I wondered how it was accomplished. The reflections in those lovely orbs revealed the secrets. A narrow cone of light was directed down upon the lad from the right side. A huge reflector surrounded the camera and wrapped back along both sides of the room. The camera?s focus was laser sharp. Readers, this is a beautiful daguerreotype! Three large mold spiders are on the silver with some patina and a couple other faint spots. Casey made a new leather spine on the wooden and pressed paper case.