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Sixth Plate


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HE HELD A LEATHER CASE! At first glance, the tiny lad appeared as though he was copied from a very odd oil portrait painted on canvas or wood, but would an artist have rendered the kid with such remarkably dirty fingers? That was the question I asked myself when I considered buying the child as I inspected his cute countenance through equally filthy glass. Now that a new sixth sized archival seal has been accomplished, it is easy to ascertain that the boy was taken from life. Odd flanges of tarnish flow towards our little subject from the inside edges of the brass mat. That was a rather heavy wool coat he wore while seated in front of a competent daguerreian. Beautiful ?earthy? tones and broad contrast were attained. The boy had an innocent expression on his round face. His medium hued eyes carefully watched the man with his camera very closely. I wonder if tears and a tantrum followed this successful effort? A few mold spiders are visible. A nice complete leather case comes with the child.