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Sixth Plate


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SO HANDSOME! Sit up ramrod straight, chest out and eyes forward. I wonder if the boy was given those specific instructions because his father had been a soldier and now it was time for his young son to apply to a military academy. Or . . . was the lad simply into posing with a bit of class not usually seen from one so callow in a retaped sixth plate portrait. Red tint was gently applied to his handsome face. As you can obviously tell, the reflected depth along with the contrast are both excellent. Mold spiders are inside the mat especially upper right. Pale patina follows the oval outline. Those two black marks on the left of his wicked handsome freckled face are not scratches or weird chemical deposits. They were part of the amalgam in the silver. What?s not to love about the likeness? And, the leather case is intact!