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Sixth Plate


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A DAUGHTER’S HAND? Or maybe the inscription that comes with the sixth plate taken horizontally was penned by the younger woman’s son? One of her children wrote: “Grandma St. John (Sarah) then Mother- Adele”. Although there is some funky colored patina at the top, I can assure you that the added tinting was exceptionally applied. The subtle hues in Adele?s plaid dress contrasted with the bolder red on her lovely paisley shawl. The girl must have moved her head slightly during the brief exposure since her cute face was rendered slightly soft. Her mom remained motionless and watched the operator create their pleasing portrait that retains excellent condition. He added rouge to both sets of cheeks and used a very delicate hand to paint Sarah?s jewelry golden. Upon opening the complete leather case, the next collector will be extremely pleased by the holographic presence of mother and daughter, who were neatly lit by light cascading downwards from above.