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Sixth Plate


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CLEARLY PENNED . . . On the copper side of the archivally sealed sixth sized daguerreotype was: “restored 6/17/74”. There was another few letters done in a different hand and not so boldly written. New glass and Filmoplast P-90 were used this time, instead of the old glass and black tape. Fortunately the hands that did the earlier restoration were very careful. The youngster, who sat upright and grasped the child chair?s arms, was taken from a low camera angle. His warm headgear with flowing strands of cloth was draped over one of his hands. That striped woolen suit was adorned with many buttons all embellished with gold paint. Tinting was also applied to his face and hands. The odd colors are not as apparent on the original that is nestled inside a separated leather case. The Delicate Roses theme indicated that the daguerreotype was created circa 1847! The piece has survived in great condition.