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Sixth Plate


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THE TROUSER ROLL! A cunning wide-eyed little lad as he was seated on a stack of books while his extraordinary sixth plate that has a new archival seal was taken at the end of the 1840s. Because of the extra fabric in those pants, I have to believe that they were handed down from an older brother and mother didn’t take the time to tailor them to fit her offspring. The lovely complete leather case that I added has a blue paper label in the bottom advertising “R Jennings, Manufacturer of Daguerreotype Miniature and Jewel Cases” along with more information. Jennings was located at the “N. W. Corner of Vine and Second Streets. PHILADELPHIA”. Slivers of patina hold tight against the shape of the brass surround. There are mat abrasions in places. The curious kid?s likeness has nice reflected depth. The marks near his right arm are not scratches. I suspect they were initially faults in the silver and became more visible during the life of the lad?s image. Also, as an aside, the bench supporting the child had seen hard wear. I wonder if the daguerreian went back to reading the bottom tome when he wasn?t working. The page where he left off was clearly marked.