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Sixth Plate


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RATHER DYNAMIC . . .! At least for a youthful lad when he posed sob dramatically while a daguerreian crafted this retaped sixth plate likeness. The boy’s outfit was certainly bold and unusual so why not strike such a commanding pose! Really folks, why would a child show such self-confidence and a powerful demeanor? The subject almost dares a viewer to study him once the full leather case is opened. I am up for that challenge. There is some patina along with mat scrapes just inside the scalloped shape surrounding his holographic image. The contrast couldn’t have been better and the wide range of tones was equally impressive! The illumination was superlative. All this while I have been wondering if the kid lived in the South. The coppery hue of his flesh tones suggests that he was accustomed to being baked by bright sunshine. The brown dots on the silver are all part of the re-tarnishing process since someone else cleaned the surface many years ago.