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Sixth Plate


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IN HER DAY . . . She possibly was an attractive woman. When granny posed for her newly sealed sixth sized daguerreotype taken circa 1846, she had aged as one might expect. Never the less, those bright eyes still exhibited sparks of a long happy life. The operator had seated his subject on a small wooden chair and suggested that she should place one arm on his tabletop covered with fabric. The lady’s other arm was positioned to show her hand, which was crudely tinted, in front of her waist. Strong light from the left produced a visual three-dimensional appearance on the weathered and worn face framed by a lacy white day cap. Her complete leather case has a Delicate Roses theme on the domed cover and also the reverse that is quite worn. I should also mention there are many ?breaks? in the dark tarnish that caused lighter spots. And the teeny white specks were part of the development process. The random marks on the silver could have been caused by an inadequate buffing process. This is a very strange piece that is oddly attractive.