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Sixth Plate


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ERIN SENT . . . An iPhone snap of the woman’s wonderful now retaped quarter plate portrait. She assured me that the condition was excellent. Both she and Casey excel at finding very fine dags so I didn’t hesitate to make the purchase. The gal’s pleasant full lips arranged into a soft friendly smile and those mysterious dark eyes that carefully watched her maker were naturally placed as part of that pleasant rounded face during the miracle of conception. My how I would have enjoyed conversing with this intelligent young gal who held a silk and ivory fan folded tightly in her hands. Need I mention that the reflected depth created an exceedingly wonderful lifelike representation on her mirrored surface? The mold mites and teeny specks are barely seen! At one angle a single vertical line running top to bottom inside the octagonal mat is nearly invisible. The complete leather case has a Delicate Roses theme circa 1846. Pale red tinting was applied to the lady?s lips and cheeks. The next collector will thank me for recommending this remarkable likeness.