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Sixth Plate


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SHE WAS DEMURE. The youthful lass looped her arm inside her beau’s and cocked her head slightly towards him. Her understated beauty was instantly apparent when I opened their intact leather case (with a reglued original hinge) and examined this resealed sixth plate. They had hired David Clark, an an operator in New Brunswick NJ to execute their portrait, which he finished by tinting their faces and adding gold to the lady?s watch chain, her wedding ring and a latch on a bracelet she wore. Mold spiders have grown on the shimmering surface that has remarkable depth. The contrast is quite fine. I truly wonder if the gal had crossed her fingers on her right hand for ?good luck? in their marriage. She does have a rather puckish expression on her lovely lips. And that faraway gaze might simply have be a coquettish device she had practiced to ?get the man she loved?!