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Sixth Plate


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PARTNERS OVER TIME. This pair looked like they had a ?tea for two? type of relationship. ?Yes dear, whatever you think is best dear?, he would say. Her answer was always, ?I believe you are correct husband, whatever you think will work?. Boring but wicked practical. Although he moved during the quick exposure the lady leaned towards her husband and kept steady. While their resealed sixth plate was short of artistic merit, the quality of the likeness was incomparable! Faint lines of oxidation are visible inside the beautiful brass mat. They are kept in a complete leather case that has a floral wreath on the cover and a delicate roses design on the reverse. It is completely original and I can tell you I have never seen this combination used together. Also, inside opposite the couple, two cherubs underneath a canopy were steam pressed into a now faded red velvet pad.