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Sixth Plate


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“LIZZIE S. WHITE “. . . Was written in the bottom of the common sixth plate leather case. Are there enough superlatives in my lexicon of describing daguerreotypes to do full justice to Ms. White? You bet there are!!! She has the most splendid eyes that I have ever seen. Her sensual lips were slightly parted. Her perfectly rounded face is crowned by a fashionable hairstyle that surprisingly came undone before the extraordinary likeness was taken. Did the daguerreian miss that flyaway piece because of Lizzie’s perfect comportment? She was seated with great dignity in front of an idyllic painted scenic backdrop. Did she lean forward and turn her gorgeous face away from the lens naturally or was the operator so skillful in posing his subjects, that he actually suggested those adjustments? It had to be her. Look at her lovely hands. She must have been an A+++ student at the local charm school. She is bathed in stunning brightness that delineates every feature, while illuminating her fabulous ensemble. That dress is nothing short of remarkable. According to my notation on the archival seal, I owned her portrait in November 1987. Subsequently, I sold her. Then, I bought her back! There is heavy oxidation on both sides of her, with less above and below. The condition is as clean as new fallen snow! A visual masterwork!