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Sixth Plate


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AT THE BEST ANGLE . . . After the full leather case is opened, this fellow absolutely leaps off his harshly polished and restored sixth plate! As I examined his well taken countenance, I noticed that the wedding band was tight and almost constrictive around his finger. It also was on the correct hand, which begs the question if the daguerreotypist used a reversing prism on the front of his lens to permit the man to see himself as latterly correct? I looked closer at his well-used hands with two of the nailbeds appearing to have been bruised and wondered what was the gent?s occupation? No one could miss that wonderful vest he wore. He had a stubby broad nose and small mouth. Dark eyes reflected the light that entered the room from the left. There is a single green speck near the hazy blue tarnish. Mat abrasions are in several areas. The remainder of the flecks don?t affect the man. Casey made a new leather spine on the package.