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Sixth Plate


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A BRILLIANT RENDERING. The handsome lad was seated on a small wooden chair with his hands calmly clasped together while he remained motionless and watched the movements of the daguerreotypist. The contrast was superlative and the tonality was an unusual highly polished gun metal gray! I don?t know what caused the shadowy marks in the backdrop or if that one on his lower cheek was part of his skin. Polishing marks are visible upper right and if you use a loupe you might see miniscule black specks widely spaced on the silver. There are also two blue/brown circles on the lad?s dark jacket. I think that I would have enjoyed speaking to the boy. His retaped sixth plate is kept in a complete leather case that has a tiny Cherub embossed on each cover in the center. A pit above the chair on the right, some mat marks and oxidation can also be observed.