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Sixth Plate


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FATHER DAUGHTER GEM! I bought this masterpiece in 1989 and sold it to the collector in 2008 during one of his visits here. I had taken it from the safe deposit box at a nearby bank and along with others, shared my collection. He begged me to sell the dag to him. Naturally, I considered less than perfect condition on the surface of their restored sixth plate that is kept in a case with a broken hinge. Then added a bit extra for the content (have you ever seen a better father daughter dag) and how much I loved the pair. I just looked again very carefully and while the flaws still exist, when you are lured into the girl?s liquid eyes then study her handsome father, honestly . . . you won?t notice any imperfections! Their remarkable likeness was produced by a professional daguerreotypist. You might wonder what the child was holding. It was her bonnet or a hat that she probably had worn into the studio. Thinking back, I don?t remember seeing another little girl actually displaying her head covering in quite the same manner.