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Sixth Plate


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AN EXTENSIVE ID! Mary Elizabeth was born on Cape Cod April 17 1834! I scanned the piece of paper kept in the bottom of her separated sixth sized leather case so you all can decipher the remainder of her life?s history. M. E. was taken circa 1850 mostly likely on or near her 16th birthday! She certainly was a prim and proper kinda gal, don?t you think? The shady fabric hug on the left just inside the mat would have been there to reflect the main light source that entered from the right side of the room. Her maker generated fabulous contrast and tonality on the surface of her restored likeness. Deep depth is also apparent. Using a loup you can see those minuscule brown dots that were enlarged in my reproduction of an otherwise pristine plate. Patina follows the arched mat?s shape. Red rouge was painted on her cheeks. I should note that there were a few strong buff strokes that basically disappear.